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We are strategic allies in logistics services. Our commitment allows us to provide comprehensive solutions through competitive human talent that contributes to the success and satisfaction of clients.

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Nexo Logistics Warehouse
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NEXO LOGISTICS is a comprehensive logistics operator founded in 1996. We specialize in the design and implementation of solutions that require a high degree of knowledge, professionalism and quality service. The experience, throughout the years, allows us to know in detail each one of the needs of the clients, same that with effort and dedication have been part of our organizational culture based on principles and values.

A wide range of services will be at your disposal in order to provide you with a comprehensive solution for handling your cargo.

We are your strategic logistics ally to support you in the development and growth of your company with more than one hundred specialized collaborators dedicated to providing you with a world-class professional service.

We have offices in Guatemala, Mexico, Ciudad Hidalgo and an extensive network of business partners around the world.

Regional office

Warehouse and Distribution Hub

Industrial park Los Ríos Warehouse 3 Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas, Mexico


+52 (962) 124-9777

+52 (962) 698-3207

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We have a presence in strategic places from Mexico City, Ciudad Hidalgo and Guatemala City. Covering the entire Central American corridor, we also have strategic alliances with shipping companies and a global network of agents that allow us to transport your cargo around the world.

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